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Our Hearts Remain.

15 Sep


We played while bullets flew over head.


We play as they collect bodies broken and torn, we didn’t see.


Cooled battlefields are our playgrounds, not cooled for long as hate drifts in and out.


We are still children, our hearts remain, our spirits are not broken, our spirits are bent.


We will one day fight on the these playgrounds that are cooled battlefields.


Our hearts remain as children though not given a chance, we see this world through children’s eyes, we take to the sky and forsake the ground.


Days are still hopeful as flags burn and holes dug.


Smoke draped sunny days are still sunny days, even as mothers wail and dust settles around fresh Earth.


Our hearts remain as bullets fly and ominous skies bring hell fire and grief, we may not make it today, but it’s still day and we have some playing to do.

I have grown

16 Jun

this may enhance your reading pleasure:


I have become my shelter from this storm, my legs have become strong, I can stand on my own.

My horizons no longer hold smoke and ruins, broken things and deflated dreams and bricked up ego, in it’s place are green grass and open space in which to build and develop the little boy that never got off of his knees.

No more waiting for hand outs and allowance, gone is the surrender of power to the undeserving, the belittling of self in accordance to ankle deep social criterion was last night.

Gone is never knowing when to laugh or cry, grey skies now threaten inclement weather and not deep holes from in which to climb out.

Weakness is no longer a character flaw, but a select moment in time when strength is not needed.

I am more than collection of body parts acting as one, I am a son, a cousin, a nephew, a friend, a mate, a thinker. I am a visionary with hopes of leaving this place for the next, I am the wind.

Though battle worn I be war ready, my weapons are thought and passion, my defense is knowing I have looked at death and it no longer controls.

The love of life is something I have never known and still not fully realized, but I still continue to get up and carry on and in that, I have grown.