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17 Jul

sister toni

hello sister

long time no see

sorry i let the years go by without hail nor acknowledgement

the seasons have changed and degrees of your heart i never knew

my soul never nourished by calls in weak night hours when sickness came and rest was more than fleeting

i couldn’t witness the baby become a person become a human become a sister become a mother

i have looked into the creation of a universe and the making of God and had not one reason to look into pieces of me

let me not traverse our star again with unknowing and doubt

worn newness will not creep in and make tongues tired and silent

let me become brother become human become person

i have hands so never let yours grow jealous nor feel cold from neglect

you are now my charge my antidote and i should heal

sister you are the color of the lens that cover my eyes so let walls fall and ground be gained

these bags i’ll move and make room for sister and room for new memories

hello sister

long time no see


That absolutely beautiful woman you see up there is indeed my sister. A sister I hadn’t known about until I was around 25 or so. She came into my life one day and vanished again until just this month some 20 years later. This last disappearance was not the fault of either of us, but just life being what it is. You can best believe she won’t get away this time.

She’s a published author her new book is titled Beats, Rhythm & Soul and can be previewed and purchased here:

We have a few things in common lest of which is a father. My sister brought with her a daughter; my niece though I haven’t meet her yet. Now is the time for us to grow our relationship and become a family. My heart is huge and it has more than enough room for them.

Please help me welcome my sister.