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The Suspect

29 Nov

This is a decent movie for those looking for a decent movie after all that food and shopping.



Alan Watts

29 Nov

In my continuing effort to purge this extreme life long anger, I have been soaking up some lectures by this man called Alan Watts. Though he died in 1973 and was Buddhist, I feel he has something for us. If you get a chance to listen when you’re not busy or when your on the computer please make time to do so.

I’m still struggling with forces unseen and I mostly keep them at bay. Somedays however, life is a bitch, and I just want it to stop. Not to be misunderstood as wanting to stop living, but wanting to dropout. I move to an offbeat drum and in this life that doesn’t work well.

Anyway, I hope you can find something in his talks, I have, and I hope to continue.   

If you find any of these interesting, please look deeper for his lectures as well as his writings. 

Thank you and please be well. 


27 Nov


22 Nov

innerstanding isness

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  • Inspired by our Black youth

    We the Afrikan/Black people born/living in America are issuing the call to 



    America has a black president and tons of rich black entertainers, sports figures, and businessmen/women. It has a large black middle-class. Black America makes more money than any country in Africa – even more than Nigeria with its oil or South Africa with its diamonds and gold.


    The systematic oppression of Black people in America is deeply embedded in the fabric of US society.

    25 percent of the black population lives below the poverty line

    • No justice received for George Stinney (falsely accused and executed 14yr old black boy by the USA)

    • No justice received for Assata Shakur (falsely accused, imprisoned, now hunted by the USA)

    • No justice received for Trayvon Martin (murdered…

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It’s Friday and I’m Happy

22 Nov

I was having a bit of a sabbatical today when came through on my ever playing stream. It woke me up and made me wanna dance, so I’m sharing with you all.


21 Nov

I was skimming headlines just now and came across this article about Cray Z and his new collection now at Barney’s. I have to wonder if sometime is wrong with Cray Z or is something wrong with people.

On top of everything that happened at Barney’s recently Cray Z went ahead with the launch (we knew he would), but that’s just the half; look at the prices of this bullshit. People will often fantasized about becoming rich one day and how they would or would not spend money. They say if you had it you would buy it. If I had a billion dollars right now, I will be damned straight to hell if I would give someone $995 for a tee-shirt or any kind of shirt. This to me is Cray Z saying to the people that made him, eff you, eff you, eff you and eff you too.

Now, somebody is going to break their neck to get this junk and then run into Cray Z, and Cray Z won’t even acknowledge their existence. But people can spend their money how they won’t and if they want to continue to enrich these people that would spit down their throats if they were thirty, well.

The collection:

Just Don Mixed Exotics Brooklyn Cap$875 Moncler Leather Sleeve Puffer Varsity Jacket$2,295

Stutterheim Raincoats Stockholm Raincoat$675The Elder Statesman Colorblock Cashmere Throw $4,500

Hublot Shawn Carter by Hublot Black Ceramic 45mm Classic Fusion Watch$17,900Hublot 18k Gold Shawn Carter by Hublot 45mm Classic Fusion$33,900

En Noir Leather and Suede Camo Windbreaker$3,100En Noir Embroidered Leather Boxing Shorts$2,590

Balmain Epaulette Tee Shirt$995Balmain Epaulette Tee Shirt$995

Rick Owens Leather Cutwork Fleece Hoodie$1,275Acne Studios Town Jay Resin-coated Jeans$365

Teddy Pendergrass: Do We Remember R & B?

21 Nov