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Am I My Sista’s Keepa??

19 Dec

It’s no secret to anyone who has followed me for any reasonable amount of time how I feel about Black women. There’s something in the way she moves that moves me.

We have more than enough examples of how Black women aren’t doing it right. Ratchetness seems to be the order of the day or as I like to refer to them, “diamonds in the rough”, well, on a good day I’ll refer to them in such a way.

Seriously, we all come from long lines of women that did what was needed so that we had food on the table and some sense of security. The woman that would send us to get our own switch is the same woman that kept us close all night when our fevers wouldn’t cooperate. She watched over us as we grew into men and women, and we still wouldn’t dare a say a bad word in front of her nor let her see us sip a beer. Or maybe that’s just me.

This brings me to the reason I’m putting fingers to keyboard and trying hard not to be sexist, really hard; I’ve had the opportunity to see Black women in all aspects of life. My very own mother now heads a huge nonprofit that not only serves needy children, but an entire community. My father knew she had his back when he started this organization. He was able to lead the way for all these years knowing she stood firmly behind him until his recent passing. She now puts the smiles on the faces of children that wouldn’t necessarily have them and especially this time of year. I couldn’t be more proud of her.

I happen to work for a company that has undergone some “restructuring” for lack of a more accurate term. After a bit of a shake up and a little rattling around what came out after the dust settled, was a company that for all intents and purposes is being ran by Black women. I won’t get into the boring details such as job titles and roles played, but this is something I have never ever seen. I find it very interesting to watch these woman do the dance that a lot of women cannot do. And that is “dance” with other women. I have seen it and so have most of you and if I’m wrong I’m sure someone will check me. These women not only do the “dance” they do the dance very well and have been very successful at it.

Because of the nature of this business we have to work closely with these individuals and me being me, I really don’t care for that kind of closeness. They have put up with me like family, and that is no easy task. I’m not intentionally difficult, I’m just me and that includes an absolute disdain for authority, not to be confused with the people that holds it. I hate being told what to do, but these women for the most part do it everyday. They are really incredible people with a rainbow of personalities and skills to handle this very demanding career field. To be just though, I must admit to you that not all these women are Black. We have few different races which includes one white lady and one Latina. But the most important part is they are all women, running things and doing it very well indeed. I enjoy working with them because they are female, and I’m sure they enjoy “for the most part” wondering what I’ll do today. They have to deal with not only me, but an assortment of peoples from all walks of life during this time called Q4. We have one hundred plus seasonal workers coming in, and that alone is a task.

Q4 is short for 4th quarter which the holiday season and things are busy there at the job. They are working around the clock, yes these few women are keeping the company running 24/7. Something I wouldn’t do, not even at all.

I’m not writing this for favor because like my disdain for authority is just as powerful as my disdain for ass kissing. I tell you all this because I wanted you to know. This is a story that my blog has been about since the giddy up. I absolutely respect these women in a way that only I could. I respect their efforts and the ease at which they pull this whole thing off or how easy they make it look. I don’t like the word hero so I won’t use it, but they are approaching a status that may be considered heroic by some, no doubt. It should be noted that all my coworkers are worthy of articles in their own right, but first things first.

I think this is a story that should be national news, we could really use some good news.