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Chocolate Cream Cheese

31 Jan

A note about this piece: It actually came from me eating chocolate cream cheese. But besides that it’s just an expression of human thought. We all think and we all think about the things in this piece, be that food or your favorite person. This was not meant to offend and if it does then that’s really good because I’ve touched you. I’m not a tongue biter and I’m not gonna start today. My free thinking will continue and that is just me being me. I really enjoy people reading my works and invite you all to continue and dig down, if you don’t like this one I’m sure it’s one that’ll hit you just right. 

Peace, Hung. 

Play this one loud and read the piece to yourself:


i stick my finger in and rub it around.the smooth stickiness invites my tongue to taste,but i wait.i want to take in this delight with it’s depths a mystery to me.but i gotta dive in i love Chocolate Cream Cheese, i’ll go slow next time.i put my spoon in and dig deep,yeah,i want plenty,plenty is good.when my spoon comes out it’s filled this creamy goodness.i stop and take a breath, anticipation is the best nose is now filled with rich cocoa and me can’t turn back now.i gotta spread this open, wide and hand shakes with ecstasy, it’s like the first time for me.i eat this all the time why so intense this time?


30 Jan




Broken people collect pieces of broken souls shattered by the insistence injustice, but first weakened by falsehoods and rumors.


The stars in heaven paled alongside the light of Earth’s first people now doused by deluge upon deluge of rabid humanity scratched from a bottomless pit.


We were a happy people at peace with mother, and father watched as we became upright and signification in the land and in the world. 


Unseen forces saw us before daybreak, the scheme was hatched and the execution was right and exact, we fell.


We were no longer stewards of Earth, but instead dogged bipedal animals waiting for a rescue that would never arrive. Our position stripped, our ways discarded by the threatened and the jealous.


Millennia may as well be the blink of an eye when dealing with the soul searching we are faced with. Do we recover? Where do we even start? When do we start? Can we start? And a better question is WHAT HAPPENED???


Our status lowered and our bodies slumped in disgrace.The lessors proved to be the quasi greater. The ancient takeover is now the rule and we are ruled.


Up be our only direction left. Shall we? 

My Autumn Will Never Come

19 Jan

This seemed to fit:



I’ve been a life waiting to happen.

An event looking for a venue.

Nothing but hurt seasoned with misunderstanding and lack of direction lives here anymore.

Even my words hurt when I breath life into them.

When the Most High said, “let there be light” I was not included amongst the enlightened.

Self exile is what he called it.

And please don’t let one tear fall for me, I know what I’m doing.

I didn’t deserve them when I was here and I don’t care for them now.

Just say my name when you think of me so that might have company in my suspended animation.

Send me some sunlight and some blue, the same blue that colored my skies when I walked with you.

You see my mother tell her that I did love her, but broken hearts can’t speak well and melancholy is as cold as Bethlehem steel.

Tell my father that I learned well from a good teacher and my homework was done.

I want to be laid to rest were I can see my mountains.

I want the deer and the other creatures to walk pass me and pause as if they heard something. 

I want Aspen and Douglas Fur all around and if not place me by a stream.

Running water helps me sleep.

And please, no headstone I haven’t done anything worthy of an inscription.

One last thing; tell the truth about me. 

I was most difficult and hated most people.

I was laced with poison and acid dripped from my lips.

I was made into something beyond recognition.

I was nasty and alone, I bleed ice and pissed gasoline, I was sick and desperate.

I was dangerous and spiteful.

But most of all; my heart was as big as the universe, but nobody looked up.

Look for me in the shade, the place were sunlight can’t reach.

Listen for me when you hear leaves rustle on windy nights, I’m never silent.

Understand me when you see children playing.

Know me when you give your loved ones hugs.

Feel me when your alone and understand that you’ll never be…….alone.

Are We In Retrograde??

18 Jan

I was talking with Truth today and she said somethings that made me think of this piece so I decided to repost it. I should have a new piece up tonight. I’ve been moving and settling in and my thoughts have been unclear. I’ve gotten use to my new surrounding (and loving them) so I can focus now. Me thinks.Image

Are we in retrograde?

our sun comes out but it does not shine

our faces have smiles but we are not happy

our days go by but we stand still

our bodies are strong but we are tired

our minds are sharp but we do not learn

Are we in retrograde?

we have lives but we don’t live

we have houses but we have no homes

we have families but do we have tribes

we have work but it is not ours

we have hearts but do we love

Are we in retrograde?

our bellies are full but we do not grow

our air is fresh but we do not breath

our world is wide but we are small

our hearts are blessed but they do not beat

our god is present but we do not pray

Are we in retrograde?

we are a nation but have no land

we are a people but have no possessions

we are beautiful but have no pride

we are Black but our hearts are not

we are solid but stand on sand

Are we in retrograde?


We Be God and God Be Us!!!

4 Jan

Religion is so confusing and makes getting next to God almost impossible. A true and loving God does not want us confused and lost. A true and loving God wants your path to him/her clear and well lite. He/She made that path clear and well lite it’s the evil of this world that put things in our way and detours on our path. I have collected a life time of heavy weight, I have in effect become a beast of burden. I want to lay down these weights and move on, I just want to move on.