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Far Away Planet by blacka

17 Sep


I won’t bother to tell you the name of my planet, your tongue could never form the sounds. Our is a planet in tidal lock, we live on the dark side where all the good ones live. We never see our sun, but never lose faith that it’s there. 

I’ve never been to the other side, but we hear it’s just as nice; maybe different. We have three moons that orbit us. The largest one we call the Father is always in the same spot and reflects light from our sun. We are bathed in a constant twilight, a light we call Faith. We are the people of light, and we live on the dark side of our planet. The darkness is just an illusion.

We are taught that souls from other systems come here to rest after long life lessons. So I guess this could be what you call heaven or some such place. We just call it home on the dark side where the good people are. The reason I tell you this is because I have grown tired of souls coming here beat up with self doubt and no hope. I tell you this so that you know your journey is for a reason.

So that you know a lesson learned is a lesson held. So that maybe when you’re at your lowest you can look up and see Faith and understand that the Father will soon be next to you. So that you know that this is for a reason and that reason is never always clear.

I live on a planet far away, I won’t bother to tell you the name but you speak it when you’re enveloped in joy. Have joy. You speak it when you sleep and your soul flyes. Away try to fly. You speak it when you see children playing. Innocents are never lost. You speak it when the creator touches you. Reach out and be touched.

Even After All….

13 Nov

This piece was inspired by the person you see in the photo below. His name is Finley Quaye and he happens to be one of my favorite artist and this song in particular has stood out to me for several years. The words and ideas for this piece I cannot take credit for because even after all, it’s just a continuation of this sign. The song is talking about a soldier still seeking his very own humanity even after all the murdering and nasty things of war. My take: even after all our oppression we still love them and will get up in the morning and love them so and so. Please listen to the song and take in the feel before reading the piece, it’ll set the stage and help you understand where I stand. Thank you so much my followers and readers, even after all, you still spend time with me here and I really appreciate it more than you know. 


Even after all, the slights and disrespect.

Even after all, the purse clutching and street crossing.

We love you so.

Even after all, the name calling and the spit in the face.

Even after all, the disappointment and the denial.

We love you so.

You know we love you so and so.

Even after all, the raping that went on.

Even after all, the bombings and the hangings.

We still love you so. We worship you on the cross, blonde locks flowing.

We love you so.

You know we love you so and so.

Even after all, the injected self-hate and polluted thoughts.

Even after all, the miseducation and being left out.

We love you so.

Even after all, the thief and that long ass boat ride.

Even after all, the disease and broken lives.

All that we believe, is you, you know we love you so.

You know we love you so and so.

Even after all, the jokes and the laughing.

Even after all, the brutality and false arrest.

We love you so.

Even after all, the brainwashing and the backhandedness.

Even after all, the empty words and the heads looking skyward.

We love you so.

You know we love so and so.

We just survive as people and ours souls are good and our souls are beautiful.

Even after all.

I Deal In Sleep

27 Oct


How about you come with me, I deal in sleep. No sand or any of that shit, this is pure chemical relaxation. No hangovers and no side effects. I’ll make your bed, then you circle it, anticipation is the best part.

When is the last time you slept so deep you didn’t even realize you were asleep? That’s what I got. Counting sheep is for the lame, take my hand and get some of this. You like warm blankets on cold mornings? A contented loved one curled up next to you? Then don’t look past me, I deal in sleep. No waiting in lines, just me…..and your sleep.

Clouds of bliss and heavy eyelids, soft socks and satin sheets, I got all that. You wanna conk-out or drift off? You like that heavy sleep with drool and eyes stuck closed? Or do you want some light sleep with light dreams? What you waitin’ on? Come with me.

I got nightmares and flying dreams, sexy dreams and adventures dreams. Fantasies and real dreams, you wanna be a man or you wanna be a woman? With no more delay, step this way.

I’m not the sandman, I deal in sleep, call me the sleep dealer. Now, let’s talk price. First born, last born, I’ll take anything. A pound of flesh, a pint of blood, I’ll even take your cash.

Yes, I am the sleep dealer, I deal in sleep, but you may know me another name………the government.

Chastity, a short story………I think.

10 Sep


The year is 2050 and Amerika is a much different place. Government bureaucracies now employ most of the serfs. They no longer have paper money or much freedom. All pretenses have been dropped and we are now told the government truth as to what and who we are. New laws that have been passed in this our new society are draconian at best and creep into every aspect of life, public and private. No walking on the streets after 6:00 pm, you can wear no bright colors during working hours, as to stay uniform in appearance. The laws that most affected people are the chastity laws.

Let me step back for a moment and explain to you just how Amerika had changed.

After the election of the second mostly Black president in 2016 and followed was the election of the first openly homosexual Asian woman, white Amerikans felt like they had lost the country for sure. Not only that, but the white birth rate had fallen to almost zero. This caused white people to panic and they rallied like never before in the history of this country. In 2024 they came together and elected what was more or less a fascist president who would change the direction of the country more than any since the civil war or they called it “the war between the states”. This would be the last election and the last administration in this country.

After the election in 2024 the new laws came into effect. The first laws caught most by surprise, but were welcomed none the less by the white populace. Let me mention that the racial make-up in the country was now 49% white and rest where non-white, mostly Black as the Latinos had made a mass exodus in order to fight for Mexico. They had the Mexico/South Amerikan war that lasted for 20 years and decimated a large portion of Latinos. The rumor is that this war was stoked by the U.S. government for the sole purpose of getting rid of Mexicans, illegal and otherwise. They had a massive campaign telling the Mexicans how noble it would be to go back and fight for your country or some such thing.  Though a sizable number of Mexicans still remained in the states and we still had the problem of illegals trying to get over here.

Back to the new laws. It was now punishable by death for anyone caught with people outside ones own race. This was mostly meant white people caught with Black people and more to the point, white women caught with Black men, as the mulattoes were nearing 10% and sided with neither race. The only reason for fraternization was for work and business situations. White people were encouraged to procreate and were promised assistance from the government for every pure white child born, until that child reached 24 years of age and could then legally start its own family.

All immigration was stopped cold. Only people of European stock could even apply to enter the country and in fact, they were sent for under the guise of running and starting business, teaching at university, doctors and the like.

Our southern border now had a fence that reached 30 feet at its lowest point and up to 100 feet at its highest. Most of the people who lived in the border towns were employed by the government. It was an arm of the Border Patrol called Eagle Talon and they had license to kill anyone who got within 25 feet of the fence, on either side. Also, you had to be a of a certain ethnic make-up to even apply for this new department. Of course that was unspoken.

The chastity laws only effected non-whites in a negative way and was mostly directed at Black men, who had the power to get rid of white people without any blood shed. And have a “good time” doing it, if “it” is what you’re into. Now, here’s why they were called the chastity laws and by now I’m sure you’ve come to some conclusions.

But please allow me to fill you in on why the white people are now openly afraid of Black people. This is where the story get’s really good if only for a moment.

After the election of the second mostly Black president, but not because of, something happened to Black people collectively. It seemed Earth had moved into our part of the universe as a switch had been tripped and we changed almost overnight and some changed overnight. They all seemed to have been awaken to who they are, but not just who they are but what they are and what they need to be doing all at once. Some elders had mentioned that Nommos had returned to the Earth and set things back according to the Universal Laws of Beings. The Nommos are from the Dogon tradition and are the beings from off world that imparted information to the Dogon that scientist are still trying to figure out at this very second. Anyway, the change had led to some of the most incredible behavioral mutations in the Black people of this country. The first thing that was noticed was a pride in one’s self was evident. Black people seemed to glow now, almost. With that the diets changed which panicked a lot of businesses in the country, some went belly up in months after the change. Also, the way Black people smelled changed as well, it was a smell that seem to attract goodness. One white news reporter fashioned it this way: they have a scent that reminds one of cool air and peace and if they happened to be laughing the scent is enhanced and has an Earthy tone as well. She goes on to say, I almost couldn’t pull myself away. Black on Black violence was a distant memory and seemed insane in hindsight. The vile self-hatred had vanished and Black people walked on a thin sheet of air or so it seemed. A thirst for knowledge of who we are was insatiable and you could see lights on in houses all over Black neighborhoods all night long and it was people reading and teaching–24 hours a day people were absorbing information. That was until the internet started to be interrupted, but only in Black areas, strange that. This awakening lead to a lot of public schools closing for lack of students. People laugh at the garbage being taught to Black children and how could we have stood for this for so long? A lot of new schools started to pop up that catered to the new Black mindset.

Of course this did not go unnoticed by white people and their paranoia had been made real. Black people didn’t start to kill white people, they didn’t want to even to be around them. It was all about Black people and healing families. They were all family now and I mean really family. The biggest change that was noticed were the newborn Black babies. They were born with a bluish hue about them, their eyes were Black as pitch and seemed as deep as the universe. They just sucked in all around them, light could not escape these eyes. It can not be explained in words because the words are still being thought of and these newborns are gonna be the ones that bring these words to us. Some were born with full sets of teeth, but didn’t require much food and the only food they would accept was mothers milk, if her diet had been proper. Which is why the first thing to change were people’s diet. Some children could talk verbally within a few hours after birth and all could communicate through telepathy instantly, as they had been talking with their mothers even before birth. These children were growing up incredibly fast and were walking about in six months and less.

This is what our race was supposed to be before the meddling of unseen forces handicapped us.

The fascist government seeing what was going on and knowing that it was only a matter of years before these children would completely takeover, ordered no more births of Black babies would be allowed this country. That was far to late, the change couldn’t be stopped… all. The gears of change were in motion, but no one knew at that time.

The government knew that something had to be done with these children, but what? Since the children grew so fast, they could not determine which were newborns and which were not. This was not gonna be stopped. So in mad desperation the government started to round up all Black men and this aspect of the chastity laws became barbaric. All Black men and boys from the age of 15 on were sterilized, but not in a humane way, but in the most painful way they could come up with. Metal clips were slipped into the head of penis and pushed all the way down into the scrotum. Once in place, the clip would be expanded and cutoff the flow of seminal vesicle. After a while the body would start reject the foreign material and cause infection and nerve damage rendering the male completely sterile and a lot of cases all functions would be lost and penis useless. Thus the name, The Chastity Laws.

As I said before the change had already taken place and these children were coming of age.

to be continued……..


This is part of a full book I’m formulating and thinking about. I welcome all ideas, improvements, critiques and please let me know if you spot any typos as any person writing knows, you can’t see your own typos after a while.

ILLNESS: mental

14 Jul

this may or may not enhance your listening pleasure:


Metal against metal with hot edges and cold hints–are they talking about me?

My mind is in fast forward as I laugh at fools laughing at me–is something burning?

I know they see me, they talk to me while I sleep, I can hear them moving about my room with light steps and smelly clothes–did you hear that?

My head is full sand that shifts when the wind blows and sometimes it spills out and my neighbor helps me with that–somebody’s coming, get down.

Hot gases travel through my veins and up my back signaling the other me is about to come forward and speak–they think me crazy.

Dim lights and hot bulbs dance about my brain trying to make me think it’s morning, I know morning and this is not morning–stop touching me.

I used to be malice in wonderland, but I figured this would be better– I climb trees backwards.

This grass is greener on the other side of the fence, but it’s painted–I can fly.

Think of me sometime *experimental*

20 Jun

this may enhance your reading pleasure:


Remember when we would run down the path, over by the the creek. You were so fast, I loved to watch you run. The grace that was your body entranced me. Your arms and legs flowed like liquid. You danced.

You always looked so beautiful surrounded by those big oaks and vines of ivy. My heart drank in your presence, my being consumed your sight. You meant so much to me and you never knew that. And every time we would part you always said, think of me sometime.

The way you would speak to me was like a butterfly rodeo and I was caught in it. You could have shattered me with a breath. I saw you next to me until this world ended and we would continue even still.

The day you left, my veins froze, time was a thick mass and the air became solid. Life was a figment of someone’s imagination, I was dead to the world.

I was an unanchored ship in a storm. Each heartbeat a wave that rolled me in and out of isolated agony that shook my ancestors.

My mouth never formed our last goodbye, our fingers would never intertwine again. My eyes will never to meet yours or watch you gracefully dance while keeping the same tempo as our rushing creek.

My heart had been impaled by the evil genius who invented tight hugs, long kisses and tender moments. Pulled out and laughed at. I was now half man, half raging animal.

On the day when you would rest, I was a walled off, walled in cinder. Walls made of heavy sorrow and heartsick melancholy. I was walking through frozen clouds of grief. The girl that I secretly loved since my eyes were graced by here appearance, was now cold and stark. My legs felted like daggers sticking out of the ground, piercing my torso though into an upright position.

I could feel the blood tracing around my body and felt ashamed that it was. I wanted nothing more than for this warm life to leave me and find you. To replace that thing with my one and only love. I took an oath where I stood to never love anything ever.

I was faced with what can only be described as inhumane reality. My head would hang forever, I was now truly alone.

And as they lowered you into the Earth and little pieces of my heart continued to break lose, my tears cried tears. I looked up to where I knew you would be and said, think of me sometime.

old soul *experimental*

29 May

this may enhance your reading pleasure:


i look new at this, as i dust off my old consciousness.

i’ve been doing this for six evolutions.

the suit ain’t comfortable this time around.

the sleeves are kinda tight and the pants are to short, it’s really big around the heart area as well and this hair.

i’ve seen quasars and pulsars, i’ve even seen collapsed stars turn into black holes, but nothing like this uncomfortable suit I have now and this hair.

i’ve been at this for six evolutions, i’ve created machines that can only be described as magic, but this suit is unlike anything i know. it has an unfamiliar purpose.

i have the ability to think on three levels, seen, unseen and what’s to come.

i have studied with and worked for all the masters from all six evolutions and have even soul traveled with a few to and from this earth. i’ve seen planets that have no life and even planets that are all water, never have i come across a suit such as this or even considered it.

i do remember in the first evolution, their was talk of a great people who wore this suit, but it was only talk and some even mentioned that those were not suits. my mind has spanned this entire universe and others, how could they not be suits?

this hair has got to be the most uncomfortable for me, it’s kinetic and potential energy at once, is that possible?

i’ve watched luna being formed and i even saw her as she cooled, but nothing like this.

i have seen mountain ranges come and go, oceans rise and fall, but this suit has power beyond all the forces of nature. this has got be to what god felt like when he created the heavens.

when this suit is illuminated just right, it glows with a power that i don’t know and the color must be the color of god and his offspring. the earth be this color also. i have been to the center of this galaxy by thought and that is not this, this is new.

though uncomfortable to me, i feel i’ll never get full use of this suit and this hair. this incarnation has made all the rest pale.

i’ve now grown, i have reached the upper room and rest is close, on bent knees, rest is close.

we never knew, thought ourselves life, but we never knew, how many times must a soul come back to learn a lesson as simple as this? we never knew and my rest is close.

after reasoning with myself and knowledge of worlds gone, i’ve come to realize that it’s not the suit that’s uncomfortable, it’s me. my mind is not  wise and wide as i thought, i still need to grow.

this suit is my beginning, after six evolutions i’m just beginning, my rest is not close, as I polish my new consciousness.