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My dawn won’t break until….

13 Dec

I just love this song and maybe you’ll enjoy it as well.


A good man without a good woman is like a vase with no flowers. My dawn won’t break until my vase is full.

I want to feel her brown skin on my brown skin and watch our brown skin in candle light. And my dawn won’t break until skin is one and my suit becomes her suit and we mix down to molecules.

The hunter in me is a patience one, my bait is confidence, I am a sportsman and well seasoned. But my dawn won’t break until my prize is place. On my arm and I show the world and I beam.

I will walk slowly and┬ásteadily, my eyes fixed, the wind behind me, determination has encased me. My dawn won’t break until the empress is on her throne. I become her subject.

The rain thunders in and rinses away the sticky grime of failed relationships and the sour after taste of rejection. But my dawn won’t break until that same storm chases away the silence that is my heart. It makes me whole with firm grip to hold on to my new future.

With her now here I can see the faint light of dawn breaking. The beat of nature slows and let’s us in, I can feel life running through me. My pessimistic self sees promise. I grab her hand and we watch the sunset.

Fatherhood never known

21 Apr


To see me outside me has been a pursuit of the “man” that encases this being.

To feel the hands that were like the hands this “man” once had is a daft longing that has made this “mans” life.

To hear the voice that this “man” used to praise nature and grandmother and tried to sing that beautiful song that could never be forgotten was this “mans” quest.

To smell the flesh as my flesh is brand new is this “mans” heartbeat.

To walk along side myself as I try talk walk beside me, I give my sanity and the very life giving blood that will never know how to walk beside me.

I hear me as me cry’s out in the looking for me and to know that I am not far away.

I will never be far away.

To be the strong hand in my life when life’s lessons are not learned and heeded, will be my task and I take that task with forethought and acknowledgement.

To send that little piece of me off when day breaks and hoping the Most High sees fit to bring that little piece of me back to me is what I will do.

To see sights from new eyes as my eyes have grown tried, makes the very light new again.

To feel the weight of me on my shoulders means nothing as I would take on the weight of the world, so that me can stand tall and beam reassured that we stand tall.

Wipe away tears that will surely come because this world is made out of such is what my hands were made for.

To teach me that we come from greatness and never let that be forgotten is my charge.

To be a light in the night that me can always see as ships have and rocks missed is what I was born into.

To advise and turn loose and hope that it was true is me.

To watch me grow to stand on my own to reach out and know that I am not alone, to know that stars shine and the moon is hung is for me to know that I am not alone.

To wonder what is out there and when will we go back is what I hand to you.

To never stop looking up, to never stop looking up, to never stop looking up, to never stop looking up, to never stop looking up is what you must do.

Know that this person the older you has never stopped looking up, has never stopped looking up, has never stopped looking up, has never stop looking up and will never stop looking to you to carry on.

When we reach for each other with knowing that our reach is not in vein, that is when I know I have become a father and the child has become mine.