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RIP Grandmaster Jim Kelly..One of the Martial Arts Iconic Figures Has Passed

30 Jun

Davey D's Hip Hop Corner

Jim KellyJust got word, one of the greatest and most influential martial artists Jim Kelly aka Blackbelt Jones has passed away.. I recall seeing Jim Kelly as a kid alongside Bruce Lee.. His presence was appreciated and inspired many, especially at a time when Black folks were really into defining themselves on their own terms..When we talk about the influence Bruce Lee and his movies had on Hip Hop, we can’t really have that conversation and not include Jim Kelly..

believe it or not I knew Jim Keely not just for his martial arts movies, but also because he played tennis, which was my sport growing up.. Him and basketball great Dr J played tennis.. and that was an inspiration to me..

Not sure why he passed, as far as I knew, he wasn’t sick, but for far too many of us, we hadn’t been checking for him the way we…

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I’m sorry.

29 Jun

The piece; More Days Behind Me Than In Front [for my father], was supposed to be from my father’s point of view. He was a relatively active man; my father was an activist and ran a charity, now he’s on his back all day. I was (badly) trying to speak for him and let the people around him know that he’s okay and ready for the next step in this journey. It was not about me getting ready to kill myself, as some may have rightfully believed. I’m truly sorry for that mistake and I’ll try and be a better conyer of my thoughts. If, that’s what you were thinking. 

Thank you. 

Meet my father: 


More Days Behind Me Than In Front [For My Father]

28 Jun

I can sit back now, and hope that my blessings outweigh my sins.

I know the gates won’t swing open, but the gates will open.

As my voice grows weak, listen for my good deeds.

My sight has become soft, but I will never lose sight of the ones that loved me. 

I no longer stand tall, but I have reached the top of my existence here and my heart is full and my light strong. 

As my journey wraps up and my wake settles, I can now see my destination, I can see the ones that wait for me. 

I will allow my rest to consume me, as my shadow grows long it soon will blend with the night, this life will conclude.

If I have wronged you, please know that my spirit begs for your forgiveness, and be at peace.

The ones who couldn’t come on this trip, we shall travel together again.

I’m not leaving you, but simply going ahead.

Until next time, let your blessings outweigh your sins.


This was hard. Love somebody.  

We Need To Be Ashamed Of Our Confused Selves.

27 Jun

I once sat where this young lady sits right now. Not on the witness stand, but in front of the piercing eyes of judgement. I was also nervous and my Black skin was a curse or so I was made to believe. I was uncomfortable and angry and I just wanted to not be nowhere. That was a lot of years ago and from what I have been reading about Ms. Rachel Jeantel, ain’t shit changed. She is doing a good thing, but the people that at look her choose to remain superficial and childish, much like the way we they have been trained.

I did a Google search of Ms. Jeantel and I was almost brought to tears from the absolute bullshit I was reading. I thought about putting some of those comments here, but it would serve no purpose, you have all seen and read them. So now this young lady, trying to do the right thing will have her self-esteem buried right along side the person she’s trying to defend.

I often say, “when you know better, you do better”, I’m starting to think we don’t know any better. Unless Love and Hip Hop breaks for a commercial we remain in a childlike state of drooling and looking for something to smoke or eat. This was suppose to be the year, “I should heal”, but it looks like I’ll be stuck at “my heart remains broken”.

A shout-out to some people that make music I love.

25 Jun

I know my musical taste is in question and that’s cool, that heart wants what the heart wants. Anyway, these are some guys up the road from me and I think their music is the shit. You won’t be hearing this on the radio. This is called Dead In The Water, the collective is called Orikami. Please EN-JOY!! Jesus. 



24 Jun


Zimmerman enters court

Bicycle Man’s Wife, Ann Mathis, And Volunteers Keep Program Rolling

22 Jun

My father known as The Bicycle Man locally,  fell ill earlier this year and my mother had to pick up the reins. This is their story.

 Story Photo

By Catherine Pritchard
Staff writer

In a warehouse near Hope Mills, work is under way on donated bicycles that will be given to needy children come Christmas.

But it’s without the supervision of Moses Mathis, the man who founded and led the giveaway for more than two decades.

Illness and poor health, including congestive heart failure, diabetes and pulmonary disease, have plagued the 76-year-old Bicycle Man since late last year. He has been confined for months in medical facilities as he tries to recover his strength.

“Right now, the medical part is stable but he’s still weak and he can’t get out of the bed and walk,” said Ann Mathis, his wife of nearly 46 years. “They’re trying to get him strong enough to do that.”

But the charity he built is still powering forward. Donated bikes are being repaired by longtime workers in a warehouse, which was made available to the operation last year. The giveaway in December is still on track. And Ann Mathis, who has been an integral part of the charity but was in the background, is overseeing things more directly.

“I’m doing the bicycle stuff,” she said.

She also is overseeing her husband’s care, now at Woodlands Assisted Living and Rehabilitation Center on Pelt Drive. Ann Mathis, who’s 67, said she spends most of her days there, sitting with her husband.

“He knows when I’m not there and he’s looking for me,” she said.

Sometimes, she said, the Bicycle Man asks her how things are going with preparations for the annual giveaway. Other times, he doesn’t. Ann Mathis said her husband’s illnesses, including a mini-stroke, and long confinement in bed have taken a toll on his short-term memory and quieted his usual chattiness. She said she’s been told these are temporary issues that should improve as his health does.

Ann Mathis said she doesn’t know when her husband may be strong enough to come home.

“I’m not worried about that right now,” she said. “We just take it one day at a time.”

When the Bicycle Man’s health problems became public in March, Ann Mathis said people from around the state sent them a deluge of well wishes – and some donated money to help with his medical bills.

“People just don’t know how much I appreciated it,” she said. “They just do not know.”

The bills continue to mount but Ann Mathis said she can’t worry about that.

Her main concerns are Moses, and the needy children who will be looking for bicycles come Christmas. The Bicycle Man and his elves typically give away hundreds of bicycles each Christmas.

“We need bicycles,” Ann Mathis said. “But we need small bicycles, 20 inches and down, for little kids on up to seventh- and eighth-graders. If we can get the small bikes that would be great.”

She said she hopes her husband will one day be able to take the helm of the beloved program that he founded. But in the meantime, the Bicycle Lady is steering the handlebars.

“Everybody calls me ‘Miz Moses,’ ” she said with a laugh. “I tell everybody I have a name and it’s ‘Ann.’ ”


Bicycle donations are accepted from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at the Bicycle Man’s warehouse at 1800 Wynfare Drive off John Smith Road near Hope Mills. The mailing address is Tiffany Pines Community Center, 624 Platinum St., Fayetteville, NC 28311, and the number is 424-3083.

Cards can be sent to Mathis in care of Woodlands Assisted Living and Rehabilitation Center, 400 Pelt Drive, Room 504, Fayetteville, NC 28301.

Staff writer Catherine Pritchard can be reached at or 486-3517.