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You Bring Me Joy

28 Mar

this goes well with the sentiment expressed in this piece, enjoy.


Your liquid tone spreads contentment and provides sustenance to my emaciated soul.

You Bring Me Joy.

Your presences massages my sight and if I can’t see your face I will remember your smile.

You Bring Me Joy.

Distant and time is of no consequence you are always with me, your absent hug still embraces me and keeps me.

You Bring Me Joy.

Will you whisper in my ear the things that only you and I know? I love the warmth of your breath and the heat of your love. Please stay close.

You Bring Me Joy.

I want to see you first, hear second and love you always.

You Bring Me Joy.

You have lightened my load, so please allow me to carry yours. To carry you and care for you as you have cared for me.

You Bring Me Joy.

Walk with me and let me tell you the things that lovers say. Look at me and see the joy you bring. Listen to me, can you my heart? It beats for you.

Indeed, you truly bring me joy.     

Vampire Blue/to serve and protect FTP

13 Oct

this for the enhancement of your reading experience:


Skin white like illness, cold and sticky.

Breath like death, chilly as a cave.

Heart pumps in reverse, pushes out life, a blight of nature.

A light less world, black hole sun hangs in the sky.

Death dealers, steals hope and shelters us from joy.

They walk in packs.

Tongue spits lies and flesh bullets, piercing contentment while befriending faux humans in search of real humans.

Dull fangs rip skin and spill life, leaving half dead, semi-conscious husks to promote a dull agenda.

They only exist in the periphery of our everyday, but never far away and always to close.

Peace is not know, greed is inhaled.

Watch for them to throw words and hide their tongues.