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My heart stopped beating today

31 May

this may enhance your reading pleasure:


My heart stopped beating today

Clouds passed over to pay their respects

Even the trees slumped in remembrance of me

My eyes fixed and crusted by exposure

My mouth is dry and my tongue is swelling

I was so tired of breathing air meant for someone else

If this life is mine why can’t I give it away

My heart stopped beating years ago anger was the only thing that kept me from laying down

I hated to see sun come up

My gut was filled with empty heads and staring eyes the quick and the dead

I was locked in endless daydream and blinding ignorance

The only way out was in through bolted doors and booby trapped self help

All I recognized were partners in misery

My heart stopped beating today and I feel no better

The grass has already started to grow under me

This world does not stop to mourn

The animals will come in search of a meal

Ashes to ashes and all

My lungs worked as life support for a empty husk

My legs carried me from one disappointment to the next

My hands failed me this should have happened sooner

My mouth was a tool of destruction to innocents

Down trodden and heavy laden was my lullaby

My heart stopped beating today but my pain hasn’t


To be happy

23 Apr


As the new day breaks over mountains capped and proud, my mind is clear.

The cold air suspense’s my promise and possibilities, evergreens standing in wait for my greetings.

The perfume that drift is familiar as childhood gone by.

The sound is none but my own footfalls as animals watch and I am everywhere.

This world has reveled to me a place where men have come and losted and have come again.

This be my place, a place I see when light is dim and my eyes closed.

Though I am alone I am never lonely.

I have always come here when my thoughts are left to carry forward. This place is as old as I.

My mountainscape cannot escape my internal sight, this is my home, has always been my home.

It calls to me when I am away and go back. It called to me when I was there and I go and see.

I looked out over all I could see and I am happy.

The mountains gives me broad view and life is small and aspects disappear.

To be happy while Earth be new as it reaches for sights concealed.