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Our Hearts Remain.

15 Sep


We played while bullets flew over head.


We play as they collect bodies broken and torn, we didn’t see.


Cooled battlefields are our playgrounds, not cooled for long as hate drifts in and out.


We are still children, our hearts remain, our spirits are not broken, our spirits are bent.


We will one day fight on the these playgrounds that are cooled battlefields.


Our hearts remain as children though not given a chance, we see this world through children’s eyes, we take to the sky and forsake the ground.


Days are still hopeful as flags burn and holes dug.


Smoke draped sunny days are still sunny days, even as mothers wail and dust settles around fresh Earth.


Our hearts remain as bullets fly and ominous skies bring hell fire and grief, we may not make it today, but it’s still day and we have some playing to do.

Chickens Will Roost.

14 Jul

this may or may not enhance your reading pleasure.



The sand on the bottom of my feet didn’t come from here, but the rope burns around my neck did.

The hatred in my heart for myself and for you was born here, it grew up right here.

This is not my hatred, it’s yours and I’m ready to set it free and send it home like chickens coming to roost.

I was not given an option, but I’ll give you one.

I will make my being sink as low as yours and make hell a playground.

My rage alone can fuel a movement.

Your blood will sizzle like my flesh sizzled when it was strange fruit.

I will probe the depths of my mind to make your debt payment ring throughout this place.

Yes, my hatred is full grown and is coming back. Not a book or a line has been written that can or will explain my actions.

The Earth cannot, will not contain the motions of the oppressed, the hurt, the lost, the damaged.

You stand there and be real still so those chickens have a place to roost when they come home, because those chickens are coming home.