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My dawn won’t break until….

13 Dec

I just love this song and maybe you’ll enjoy it as well.


A good man without a good woman is like a vase with no flowers. My dawn won’t break until my vase is full.

I want to feel her brown skin on my brown skin and watch our brown skin in candle light. And my dawn won’t break until skin is one and my suit becomes her suit and we mix down to molecules.

The hunter in me is a patience one, my bait is confidence, I am a sportsman and well seasoned. But my dawn won’t break until my prize is place. On my arm and I show the world and I beam.

I will walk slowly and steadily, my eyes fixed, the wind behind me, determination has encased me. My dawn won’t break until the empress is on her throne. I become her subject.

The rain thunders in and rinses away the sticky grime of failed relationships and the sour after taste of rejection. But my dawn won’t break until that same storm chases away the silence that is my heart. It makes me whole with firm grip to hold on to my new future.

With her now here I can see the faint light of dawn breaking. The beat of nature slows and let’s us in, I can feel life running through me. My pessimistic self sees promise. I grab her hand and we watch the sunset.

old soul *experimental*

29 May

this may enhance your reading pleasure:


i look new at this, as i dust off my old consciousness.

i’ve been doing this for six evolutions.

the suit ain’t comfortable this time around.

the sleeves are kinda tight and the pants are to short, it’s really big around the heart area as well and this hair.

i’ve seen quasars and pulsars, i’ve even seen collapsed stars turn into black holes, but nothing like this uncomfortable suit I have now and this hair.

i’ve been at this for six evolutions, i’ve created machines that can only be described as magic, but this suit is unlike anything i know. it has an unfamiliar purpose.

i have the ability to think on three levels, seen, unseen and what’s to come.

i have studied with and worked for all the masters from all six evolutions and have even soul traveled with a few to and from this earth. i’ve seen planets that have no life and even planets that are all water, never have i come across a suit such as this or even considered it.

i do remember in the first evolution, their was talk of a great people who wore this suit, but it was only talk and some even mentioned that those were not suits. my mind has spanned this entire universe and others, how could they not be suits?

this hair has got to be the most uncomfortable for me, it’s kinetic and potential energy at once, is that possible?

i’ve watched luna being formed and i even saw her as she cooled, but nothing like this.

i have seen mountain ranges come and go, oceans rise and fall, but this suit has power beyond all the forces of nature. this has got be to what god felt like when he created the heavens.

when this suit is illuminated just right, it glows with a power that i don’t know and the color must be the color of god and his offspring. the earth be this color also. i have been to the center of this galaxy by thought and that is not this, this is new.

though uncomfortable to me, i feel i’ll never get full use of this suit and this hair. this incarnation has made all the rest pale.

i’ve now grown, i have reached the upper room and rest is close, on bent knees, rest is close.

we never knew, thought ourselves life, but we never knew, how many times must a soul come back to learn a lesson as simple as this? we never knew and my rest is close.

after reasoning with myself and knowledge of worlds gone, i’ve come to realize that it’s not the suit that’s uncomfortable, it’s me. my mind is not  wise and wide as i thought, i still need to grow.

this suit is my beginning, after six evolutions i’m just beginning, my rest is not close, as I polish my new consciousness.