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I Deal In Sleep

27 Oct


How about you come with me, I deal in sleep. No sand or any of that shit, this is pure chemical relaxation. No hangovers and no side effects. I’ll make your bed, then you circle it, anticipation is the best part.

When is the last time you slept so deep you didn’t even realize you were asleep? That’s what I got. Counting sheep is for the lame, take my hand and get some of this. You like warm blankets on cold mornings? A contented loved one curled up next to you? Then don’t look past me, I deal in sleep. No waiting in lines, just me…..and your sleep.

Clouds of bliss and heavy eyelids, soft socks and satin sheets, I got all that. You wanna conk-out or drift off? You like that heavy sleep with drool and eyes stuck closed? Or do you want some light sleep with light dreams? What you waitin’ on? Come with me.

I got nightmares and flying dreams, sexy dreams and adventures dreams. Fantasies and real dreams, you wanna be a man or you wanna be a woman? With no more delay, step this way.

I’m not the sandman, I deal in sleep, call me the sleep dealer. Now, let’s talk price. First born, last born, I’ll take anything. A pound of flesh, a pint of blood, I’ll even take your cash.

Yes, I am the sleep dealer, I deal in sleep, but you may know me another name………the government.

All Men Are Created Equal.

19 Aug


I was born in the back of a bus, my mother was on her way to work, to clean toilets and mop floors. My father collected trash. Honest work.

The books I was taught from were third hand with pages missing.

My mother learned from no books.

My father couldn’t read or write.

The streets were my university and the penitentiary was my graduate school.

For some lucky ones the morgue was graduation.

My mother was sticky sweet around white people and bitter nasty around me. We loved each other.

My father’s questions came after his bottle was empty and he kept the answers in his balled up fist.

Anger is my second nature, my gun is my first.

I love hate and love don’t love nobody.

My mother died on her knees cleaning toilets and mopping floors.

OH!! and praying to the white man on the cross.

My father lost his mind….all over the back of a police cruiser.

I have blood, sweat and tears in this land, it is mine. I am an American were All Men Are Created Equal.

this is the interview that got me to thinking about writing this piece. http://billmoyers.com/episode/encore-confronting-the-contradictions-of-america%E2%80%99s-past/

forsaken/in hindsight

5 Jul

this may enhance your reading pleasure.


in this cold life my knees were bent on cold floors as i looked up

they told me to ask and i shall receive but all i received were dirty knees and hymns

desperate tears left salty trails for me too walk alone to afraid to question

i loved you because i was told to

sun rays bursting through clouds and the breeze through trees were my proof that you were here but sun rays can’t stop blood shed nor feed hungry infants and the trees ignored me

i was most eager to meet you and learn to bathe in your light my return was stone silents in the middle of arid existence

my life was nearing its end and I wanted you to tell me something be here to escort me to the other side

no escort came and i had to hitchhike to my destination

my heart remains broken as the father has left me here blindfolded hands bound with no tongue and tells me to have faith

i have faith in my ability to continue on and seek what i will

it was not i that made cross not i that pieced your side with weapon i did not crown you with thorn

my kin have loved you for no reason while in god we trust none of their pockets hold

good may come to those of us who wait but no clock need be watched nor breath held

my darkest days were left dark i was scared and confused and i was left scared and confused

i have turned cheek and loved my enemy i have but two cheeks and my enemies surrounded me you didn’t give me enough love or cheeks

my hope is firmly in place that you will come to me come for me but waiting is for the dead and warm is still the blood that courses through my veins

Think of me sometime *experimental*

20 Jun

this may enhance your reading pleasure:


Remember when we would run down the path, over by the the creek. You were so fast, I loved to watch you run. The grace that was your body entranced me. Your arms and legs flowed like liquid. You danced.

You always looked so beautiful surrounded by those big oaks and vines of ivy. My heart drank in your presence, my being consumed your sight. You meant so much to me and you never knew that. And every time we would part you always said, think of me sometime.

The way you would speak to me was like a butterfly rodeo and I was caught in it. You could have shattered me with a breath. I saw you next to me until this world ended and we would continue even still.

The day you left, my veins froze, time was a thick mass and the air became solid. Life was a figment of someone’s imagination, I was dead to the world.

I was an unanchored ship in a storm. Each heartbeat a wave that rolled me in and out of isolated agony that shook my ancestors.

My mouth never formed our last goodbye, our fingers would never intertwine again. My eyes will never to meet yours or watch you gracefully dance while keeping the same tempo as our rushing creek.

My heart had been impaled by the evil genius who invented tight hugs, long kisses and tender moments. Pulled out and laughed at. I was now half man, half raging animal.

On the day when you would rest, I was a walled off, walled in cinder. Walls made of heavy sorrow and heartsick melancholy. I was walking through frozen clouds of grief. The girl that I secretly loved since my eyes were graced by here appearance, was now cold and stark. My legs felted like daggers sticking out of the ground, piercing my torso though into an upright position.

I could feel the blood tracing around my body and felt ashamed that it was. I wanted nothing more than for this warm life to leave me and find you. To replace that thing with my one and only love. I took an oath where I stood to never love anything ever.

I was faced with what can only be described as inhumane reality. My head would hang forever, I was now truly alone.

And as they lowered you into the Earth and little pieces of my heart continued to break lose, my tears cried tears. I looked up to where I knew you would be and said, think of me sometime.