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Vampire Blue/to serve and protect FTP

13 Oct

this for the enhancement of your reading experience:


Skin white like illness, cold and sticky.

Breath like death, chilly as a cave.

Heart pumps in reverse, pushes out life, a blight of nature.

A light less world, black hole sun hangs in the sky.

Death dealers, steals hope and shelters us from joy.

They walk in packs.

Tongue spits lies and flesh bullets, piercing contentment while befriending faux humans in search of real humans.

Dull fangs rip skin and spill life, leaving half dead, semi-conscious husks to promote a dull agenda.

They only exist in the periphery of our everyday, but never far away and always to close.

Peace is not know, greed is inhaled.

Watch for them to throw words and hide their tongues.

ILLNESS: mental

14 Jul

this may or may not enhance your listening pleasure:


Metal against metal with hot edges and cold hints–are they talking about me?

My mind is in fast forward as I laugh at fools laughing at me–is something burning?

I know they see me, they talk to me while I sleep, I can hear them moving about my room with light steps and smelly clothes–did you hear that?

My head is full sand that shifts when the wind blows and sometimes it spills out and my neighbor helps me with that–somebody’s coming, get down.

Hot gases travel through my veins and up my back signaling the other me is about to come forward and speak–they think me crazy.

Dim lights and hot bulbs dance about my brain trying to make me think it’s morning, I know morning and this is not morning–stop touching me.

I used to be malice in wonderland, but I figured this would be better– I climb trees backwards.

This grass is greener on the other side of the fence, but it’s painted–I can fly.