Slavery of Faith

10 Jul


I came across this interview from one of the many podcasts that I sub to. It’s the story of Leslie Wagner-Wilson and her time and escape from The Peoples Temple, Jim Jones and Guyana. This lady touched me so deeply with her story I had to post this here so that more could hear this incredible life changing and life affirming slice of inhumanity. I won’t say much more, but please find time to listen to this interview and I bet MY life you won’t be sorry.


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Marvin Gaye “What’s Going On – What’s Happening Brother”

29 Nov

This song means more to me today than it ever has in my entire life. I haven’t had a lot to say lately and I have even less to say currently. The time for words has come to an end and they weren’t listening anyway.

Ms. Lauryn Hill Black Rage

21 Aug

ms hill

Dedicated to the people of Ferguson

Black rage is founded on two-thirds a person
Rapings and beatings and suffering that worsens,
Black human packages tied up with strings
Black rage can come from all these kinds of things.
Black rage is founded on blatant denial
Squeezed economics, subsistence survival
Deafening silence and social control
Black rage is founded on wounds in the soul!

When the dogs bite, when the beatings,
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember all these kinds of things
And then I don’t fear so bad…

Black rage is founded: who fed us self hatred
Lies and abuse while we waited and waited?
Spiritual treason
This grid and its cages
Black rage was founded on these kinds of things

Black rage is founded on draining and draining
Threatening your freedom to stop your complaining
Poisoning your water while they say it’s raining
Then call you mad for complaining, complaining
Old time bureaucracy drugging the youth
Black rage is founded on blocking the truth!
Murder and crime, compromise and distortion
Sacrifice, sacrifice
Who makes this fortune?
Greed, falsely called progress,
Such human contortion,
Black rage is founded on these kinds of things

So when the dog bites
And the ceilings,
And I’m feeling mad
I simply remember all these kinds of things
And then I don’t fear so bad

Free enterprise, is it myth or illusion
Forcing you back into purposed confusion.
Black human trafficking or blood transfusion?
Black rage is founded on these kinds of things.
Victims of violence
Both psyche and body
Life out of context IS living ungodly
Politics, politics
Greed falsely called wealth
Black rage is founded on denying of self.
Black human packages
Tied and subsistence
Having to justify very existence
Try if you must
But you can’t have my soul
Black rage is founded on ungodly control
So when the dog bites
And the beatings
And I’m feeling so sad
I simply remember all these kinds of things
And then I don’t feel so bad


17 Jul

sister toni

hello sister

long time no see

sorry i let the years go by without hail nor acknowledgement

the seasons have changed and degrees of your heart i never knew

my soul never nourished by calls in weak night hours when sickness came and rest was more than fleeting

i couldn’t witness the baby become a person become a human become a sister become a mother

i have looked into the creation of a universe and the making of God and had not one reason to look into pieces of me

let me not traverse our star again with unknowing and doubt

worn newness will not creep in and make tongues tired and silent

let me become brother become human become person

i have hands so never let yours grow jealous nor feel cold from neglect

you are now my charge my antidote and i should heal

sister you are the color of the lens that cover my eyes so let walls fall and ground be gained

these bags i’ll move and make room for sister and room for new memories

hello sister

long time no see


That absolutely beautiful woman you see up there is indeed my sister. A sister I hadn’t known about until I was around 25 or so. She came into my life one day and vanished again until just this month some 20 years later. This last disappearance was not the fault of either of us, but just life being what it is. You can best believe she won’t get away this time.

She’s a published author her new book is titled Beats, Rhythm & Soul and can be previewed and purchased here:

We have a few things in common lest of which is a father. My sister brought with her a daughter; my niece though I haven’t meet her yet. Now is the time for us to grow our relationship and become a family. My heart is huge and it has more than enough room for them.

Please help me welcome my sister.

We Are Spacefarer PART I

5 Jan



“I never realized how easily people could be trained to accept slavery”

-The Kindred, Octavia Butler


“Pluto was cold, it was colder than cold. It’s was dead as a stone and cold. The cold that knows nothing but cold.”



My name is Green, I’m a long-haul farer, my main route takes me from Earth to the outer most orbit of Pluto, I really, really hate Pluto. That is known as my up route, on the way back I pass Earth and head straight for Mercury. I skirt Mercury, and I stay in low orbit. The heat from our star is too much for my vessel. I plan to get a new ship as soon I can, I have my eyes on a beast of a transport. The route back to my neck of the woods is known as my down route. This is where I pick up live cargo, humans, cattle and all manner of alien lifeforms.

I am the captain of my very own vessel, I command a crew–well I don’t have a crew, it’s just my daughter and I. Her name is Celestial, I call her Celeste. She was born in zero gravity and has never put her feet on solid ground. I love this little girl more than life.

Celeste’s mother is no longer on this physical plain. She died shortly after the baby was born. It was a down route trip, and we were coming up on Saturn’s outer ring.

My wife you see was from Sirius Minor, but was just as human as you and I. The only way you could tell she was any different is that her skin glowed ever so slightly in pitch blackness. It had something to do with their star and the way it affects their melanin. Her skin was the color of chestnuts and powdered chocolate. Her hair grew in tight helixes that almost reached the floor, she kept shells from her home world in those long locks. She said it made her feel less home sick. I had never had the time to visit her home world, but we were going to go as soon as the baby was born.

Our daughter was supposed to be born on Earth in the mountains of what was then Colorado, in what is now the Dissolved States of America. But before we could get to the midwife, civil war had broken out in the region, and all non-Earthlings were seen as a threat. We had to go and go fast, so I grabbed a shipment that was headed to Pluto and off we went.

The trip was to be smooth, and we were both glad to be out of harms way. If my wife was not welcomed on my planet then neither was I. We made the delivery, and swung wide, and deep so she could get a look at her own star system. When we got back on course and approached Saturn’s outer ring she went into full labor. I had to find an outpost so I could help her bring our child into this life.

I docked at the nearest station that had medical facilities enough to be of some help. I got her comfortable and accessed my external drive where all my medical information was stored. Also stored there was all the music she liked. She loved the music of early 1970’s Earth groups, so I let those play and she calmed down and began to breath in controlled breathes as she had been taught.

I had called my company to let them know my situation, and they offered to send a doctor. I told them that before the doctor got out of Earth orbit the baby would be born. I reassured them I had been well prepared for this.

As the labor pains grew closer my anxiety swelled. I was about to welcome into this plain of existence a new life. A part of me that had not been tarnished by life nor exposed to the religions that had fractured our worlds. This would the person in which our lives would revolve around from now until we drew out last breathes. I was going to look into my child’s eyes and see the universe that had called me since I could stand on my own. And my child would carry on what her mother and I started and beyond. She would see other world’s and conqueror them. She would be a spacefarer.  



Am I My Sista’s Keepa??

19 Dec

It’s no secret to anyone who has followed me for any reasonable amount of time how I feel about Black women. There’s something in the way she moves that moves me.

We have more than enough examples of how Black women aren’t doing it right. Ratchetness seems to be the order of the day or as I like to refer to them, “diamonds in the rough”, well, on a good day I’ll refer to them in such a way.

Seriously, we all come from long lines of women that did what was needed so that we had food on the table and some sense of security. The woman that would send us to get our own switch is the same woman that kept us close all night when our fevers wouldn’t cooperate. She watched over us as we grew into men and women, and we still wouldn’t dare a say a bad word in front of her nor let her see us sip a beer. Or maybe that’s just me.

This brings me to the reason I’m putting fingers to keyboard and trying hard not to be sexist, really hard; I’ve had the opportunity to see Black women in all aspects of life. My very own mother now heads a huge nonprofit that not only serves needy children, but an entire community. My father knew she had his back when he started this organization. He was able to lead the way for all these years knowing she stood firmly behind him until his recent passing. She now puts the smiles on the faces of children that wouldn’t necessarily have them and especially this time of year. I couldn’t be more proud of her.

I happen to work for a company that has undergone some “restructuring” for lack of a more accurate term. After a bit of a shake up and a little rattling around what came out after the dust settled, was a company that for all intents and purposes is being ran by Black women. I won’t get into the boring details such as job titles and roles played, but this is something I have never ever seen. I find it very interesting to watch these woman do the dance that a lot of women cannot do. And that is “dance” with other women. I have seen it and so have most of you and if I’m wrong I’m sure someone will check me. These women not only do the “dance” they do the dance very well and have been very successful at it.

Because of the nature of this business we have to work closely with these individuals and me being me, I really don’t care for that kind of closeness. They have put up with me like family, and that is no easy task. I’m not intentionally difficult, I’m just me and that includes an absolute disdain for authority, not to be confused with the people that holds it. I hate being told what to do, but these women for the most part do it everyday. They are really incredible people with a rainbow of personalities and skills to handle this very demanding career field. To be just though, I must admit to you that not all these women are Black. We have few different races which includes one white lady and one Latina. But the most important part is they are all women, running things and doing it very well indeed. I enjoy working with them because they are female, and I’m sure they enjoy “for the most part” wondering what I’ll do today. They have to deal with not only me, but an assortment of peoples from all walks of life during this time called Q4. We have one hundred plus seasonal workers coming in, and that alone is a task.

Q4 is short for 4th quarter which the holiday season and things are busy there at the job. They are working around the clock, yes these few women are keeping the company running 24/7. Something I wouldn’t do, not even at all.

I’m not writing this for favor because like my disdain for authority is just as powerful as my disdain for ass kissing. I tell you all this because I wanted you to know. This is a story that my blog has been about since the giddy up. I absolutely respect these women in a way that only I could. I respect their efforts and the ease at which they pull this whole thing off or how easy they make it look. I don’t like the word hero so I won’t use it, but they are approaching a status that may be considered heroic by some, no doubt. It should be noted that all my coworkers are worthy of articles in their own right, but first things first.

I think this is a story that should be national news, we could really use some good news.

The Suspect

29 Nov

This is a decent movie for those looking for a decent movie after all that food and shopping.



Alan Watts

29 Nov

In my continuing effort to purge this extreme life long anger, I have been soaking up some lectures by this man called Alan Watts. Though he died in 1973 and was Buddhist, I feel he has something for us. If you get a chance to listen when you’re not busy or when your on the computer please make time to do so.

I’m still struggling with forces unseen and I mostly keep them at bay. Somedays however, life is a bitch, and I just want it to stop. Not to be misunderstood as wanting to stop living, but wanting to dropout. I move to an offbeat drum and in this life that doesn’t work well.

Anyway, I hope you can find something in his talks, I have, and I hope to continue.   

If you find any of these interesting, please look deeper for his lectures as well as his writings. 

Thank you and please be well. 


27 Nov


22 Nov

Innerstanding Isness

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  • Inspired by our Black youth

    We the Afrikan/Black people born/living in America are issuing the call to 



    America has a black president and tons of rich black entertainers, sports figures, and businessmen/women. It has a large black middle-class. Black America makes more money than any country in Africa – even more than Nigeria with its oil or South Africa with its diamonds and gold.


    The systematic oppression of Black people in America is deeply embedded in the fabric of US society.

    25 percent of the black population lives below the poverty line

    • No justice received for George Stinney (falsely accused and executed 14yr old black boy by the USA)

    • No justice received for Assata Shakur (falsely accused, imprisoned, now hunted by the USA)

    • No justice received for Trayvon Martin (murdered…

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