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I Deal In Sleep

27 Oct


How about you come with me, I deal in sleep. No sand or any of that shit, this is pure chemical relaxation. No hangovers and no side effects. I’ll make your bed, then you circle it,¬†anticipation is the best part.

When is the last time you slept so deep you didn’t even realize you were asleep? That’s what I got. Counting sheep is for the lame, take my hand and get some of this. You like warm blankets on cold mornings? A contented loved one curled up next to you? Then don’t look past me, I deal in sleep. No waiting in lines, just me…..and your sleep.

Clouds of bliss and heavy eyelids, soft socks and satin sheets, I got all that. You wanna conk-out or drift off? You like that heavy sleep with drool and eyes stuck closed? Or do you want some light sleep with light dreams? What you waitin’ on? Come with me.

I got nightmares and flying dreams, sexy dreams and adventures dreams. Fantasies and real dreams, you wanna be a man or you wanna be a woman? With no more delay, step this way.

I’m not the sandman, I deal in sleep, call me the sleep dealer. Now, let’s talk price. First born, last born, I’ll take anything. A pound of flesh, a pint of blood, I’ll even take your cash.

Yes, I am the sleep dealer, I deal in sleep, but you may know me another name………the government.