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The Suspect

29 Nov

This is a decent movie for those looking for a decent movie after all that food and shopping.




Alan Watts

29 Nov

In my continuing effort to purge this extreme life long anger, I have been soaking up some lectures by this man called Alan Watts. Though he died in 1973 and was Buddhist, I feel he has something for us. If you get a chance to listen when you’re not busy or when your on the computer please make time to do so.

I’m still struggling with forces unseen and I mostly keep them at bay. Somedays however, life is a bitch, and I just want it to stop. Not to be misunderstood as wanting to stop living, but wanting to dropout. I move to an offbeat drum and in this life that doesn’t work well.

Anyway, I hope you can find something in his talks, I have, and I hope to continue.   

If you find any of these interesting, please look deeper for his lectures as well as his writings. 

Thank you and please be well.