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Without Her

21 Sep

Checkout this beautiful song as you read:


I can’t see you, but your glow still illuminates the very best of me.

A sprinkling of your affection has me, I can’t keep still, and the way up is forgotten.

The cracks in my heart radiate inward and pulls in the very worst of me. You fix me and the healing begins.

Without you my words stop and pile up and spill over and are wasted.


Her lines of sweetness are missed and bitter loneliness sneaks in and corrupts I.

One more day without her, then worlds would collide and stars burnout, gravity is no more, we draft away.

I miss her and my heart continues to crack and radiate inward.

Her morning voice was always dusty and succulent, it drips from her mouth and quenched my lust. Her sheets offer no barrier to my instinct, but I don’t move in.

Though not with me I carry her still, the weight of her memory strengthens me. Her depreciation is none.

And she stole the colors from my world and she stole the breath from my mouth leaving me with a bland existent grasping for air.

Without her I live, but with her I have life.


she knows who she is