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to prepare a place

9 Aug




I looked for you last night, where did you go? 

Did you think that closed eyes and cold flesh would fool me? 

You went to prepare a place for me and hoped that I didn’t come to soon didn’t you? 

I still hear your voices sparkling in my head, and I turn to check on you, for nothing.

My sleep is peppered with frustrating emotions of you having left to prepare a place for me. I don’t sleep well.

Was that you messaging my heart when definition escaped me? Did you say stand back and let pops handle it?

Was that you that stood behind me when my fears confronted me and my weakness showed?

You said you would never leave me with the moon and the stars as the tide turned and the night air chilled.

I told you being alone made my tears flow enough to quench the dry Earth you now call home.

You can get up now, closed eyes and cold flesh don’t fool me, I’m ready for my place.     


8 Aug



the seasons of my life dissipate and are forgotten

introspection is saved for dreams which dissipate and are forgotten

i have a new heart dull and numb to the old

it’s grip is not as tight and the living is easy

time has stopped but i kept moving and it pulls me back like snagged cloth

not as cruel as a mean woman time filters my recall

like looking through murky water i see only the bright and shiny

as my sun sets i can still enjoy it though the dust hasn’t settled yet from the road i just traveled

my family has thinned as my familiarity has become estranged

loved ones once loved are now just ones i have loved

why can’t i turn lose the moments that won’t let go of the time that i can’t forget

looking back has become my life as the curves up ahead offer uncertainty

it’ll be harder to see now that my light is made dim by the lost of him

i’ll have to stop now and count my receipts though bleached and tattered they are mine

i’ll move throw time as it stands there holding me place

it lets me visit often and I let it distort my visit


3 Aug


Little Known Black History Fact: Moses Mathis, The Bicycle Man

1 Aug

Black America Web

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Moses Mathis was a resident of the Tiffany Pines neighborhood in Fayetteville, NC. He was best known as “The Bicycle Man.” By 1990, Mathis was fed up with the drug activity on his street so he opened The Tiffany Pines Community Outreach Center and began handing out and repairing bikes to the children in his community. Over a 20-year period, the Bicycle Man, along with his wife, Ann Mathis, has given out and repaired over 26, 000 bicycles to the neighborhood children under age 15.

The Tiffany Pines Community Outreach Center includes the B.U.G. Program, which stands for Bringing Up Grades. The program assists children from first grade through ninth grade. The eligible students are given a monetary incentive to bring their grades up during the grading period. Among the programs is an odd jobs component to give students a meaningful alternative to being on the…

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