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to prepare a place

9 Aug




I looked for you last night, where did you go? 

Did you think that closed eyes and cold flesh would fool me? 

You went to prepare a place for me and hoped that I didn’t come to soon didn’t you? 

I still hear your voices sparkling in my head, and I turn to check on you, for nothing.

My sleep is peppered with frustrating emotions of you having left to prepare a place for me. I don’t sleep well.

Was that you messaging my heart when definition escaped me? Did you say stand back and let pops handle it?

Was that you that stood behind me when my fears confronted me and my weakness showed?

You said you would never leave me with the moon and the stars as the tide turned and the night air chilled.

I told you being alone made my tears flow enough to quench the dry Earth you now call home.

You can get up now, closed eyes and cold flesh don’t fool me, I’m ready for my place.