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My Eyes Be Wide Open

18 Jun

The one hundred percent of you that I can’t have is far more of the you I need.

You know that small tip at the bottom of your heart where everything lands in the end?

I’ll take that part and leave the rest.

I am very selfish, but with you I feel like sharing.

My eyes be wide open and focused on the you I know and crave.

An insatiable thrist is what you have manifested in me.

I cannot venture to far from my you, as I would surely die without long, tall drinks.

There are things about you that I don’t know and what I don’t know won’t kill me, but not knowing you would make death a relief.

I cannot hold anything against you.

 I knew heartbreak was possible.

My eyes couldn’t be more open.

I would have stepped to you even if you were a cliff, I committed the first step and all after.