The Wind Carries My Wailing

30 Mar


We are not meant to live in pain.

Sorrow is not a possession.

Cries in night long sessions of ruminating is a virus.

Easily caught and seldom expelled.

Our movements kicked up winds that carried our wailing.

We tote burdens like a beast in a dance with no music and no lead.

Never to far from tears our eyes burn, our teeth grind, our thoughts slip through with no consideration.

We are islands by mistake and the tide has forgotten us.

If I reached out to another one my hand is rejected and the wind will carry my wailing.

My sorrow has become my luggage and it’s packed with memories of my hand being rejected.

So I set sail, but this wind won’t carry my wailing, but me, to offer another hand.  

5 Responses to “The Wind Carries My Wailing”

  1. Estelle March 30, 2013 at 6:51 PM #

    Thank you Brother Blacka I feel your soul and understand your sentiment. This poem speaks volumes of those of us who anxiously hope for a redemption “some day”. I would hate to think that this suffering has been in vain. Love and Warmth to you.

    • hunglikejesus March 31, 2013 at 5:32 PM #

      I’m sorry Ms. Estelle, I replied to your comment but I must not have hit post because it’s not here.

      Anyway, I don’t think redemption is nye, but I do wish for it several times a day. And no, this suffering is not in vain. The only thing that is done in vain is resting and waiting. We must continue to do something towards some kinda freedom. Your words made me misty as I am very sensitive and I take my writing and how they are received to heart. Though I am no writer and with all my mistakes and errors I can still reach one then a day has been made and a smile will adorn my face.

      Thank you for stopping by and please hung out if you want. We are open all day and all night.

  2. Sandra March 31, 2013 at 3:18 PM #

    No, we don’t have to carry all this around or dwell. Why do I? I want to set the luggage afloat and recapture my sense of buoyancy—I want to float into that possibility of resilience and return to images of newness.

    • hunglikejesus March 31, 2013 at 5:44 PM #

      Hey Ms. Sandra, from your fingertips to the Most High’s monitor. Me thinks the trick is to not pick up the luggage in the first place. Of course this life is a cold hard b*tch and we are drama magnets. To be graceful as you unload your luggage is the true make of possibility, resilience and newness. I have not made to such grace and probably won’t. I hope you do..really.

      Thank you for stopping by Ms. Sandra.

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