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Flecks of my Past

22 Mar

Because I like this song…….alot:


Like rains drops falling down I am hit every so often by flecks of my past.

Fleeting moments drenched in the emotions that built this person into some kind of being that strive to be human. 

Little bare feet on dusty roads with wide eyes, ready hands and raw ambition.

Today for me is not good, my sick heart is aimless and my tear gun is cocked and loaded. The line I walk is threadlike and weak. 

I turn my head for a new perspective, but my perspective goes unchanged or unnoticed. 

I once played in the the park while people contemplated life and served me supervision. I made all things my playthings, my imagination was unreal. 

I walk backwards in hopes that I will bump into my past, but it never happens and never it will. I must face this day and look forward to the next. I crave for my normal days and loath my meantime. 

Yesterday I climbed trees where I was the king and challenged all comers. I roamed the woods in search of that evil witch I was told lived there. My pockets were filled with the tools of my trade: rocks, sticks and some string. 

I have tried to kiss those days good bye but they refuse to leave me alone. They tap me on my shoulder and then hide. I have learned not to pay them much attention, they showoff you know. 

Flecks of my past come down like rain and here I go again dreaming. I am soaked and I love it.