King Cotton conclusion….

10 Feb




As I walked up the stairs in search of my victim, a cat meowed begging for something or another. It sounded like a herd of rabid buffalo to my wide open and petrified mind. I continued and I knew my heart beat could be heard feet away. I gripped the cane knife and I kept to my mission. As I got to the end of hallway where I thought that demon seed had his lair, a sleeping white man I didn’t recognize was propped up against the a door. A door that had to be massa’s room. I walked right up to him and the rage of 200 years brought itself forward in me. My mother’s face as she lay dying in that field blinded me for just a second. I felt like every soul of every slave stood behind me, I was insane. I raised my blade and with one fell swoop I severed his head from his body. He bleed like one of those hogs I had slaughtered over the years and I felt more for those hogs than I felt for this human fountain in front of me. I grabbed his body as to not let it hit the floor like his head had done and wake the demon up. I eased the blood soaked body to the floor and proceeded. I slipped a bit and my hand was to wet with blood to turn the doorknob. I stepped back got myself together and turned the doorknob. What I saw was that little Black girl in the bed with the sheets pulled up around her neck. She was motioning me to do something but I could not really see her in the dim light. As I walked in a bit further to get to my prey she shouted STOP!! It was to late. The old man was up and standing behind the door with a pistol and got the drop on me. I was hit, not only was I hit, but all those souls that stood behind me were hit. My mother’s face was hit and she came to me. I could see her clear and she was a beautiful woman. She had peace all over her and she held her arms out for me to come. How could I come to her, she is not here and I got things to do and first was to disarm this cracker and dispatch him. But there she stood arms out stretched the glow of peace all around her and this life fell away. She said to me, son, I have watched you from the time you opened your eyes up until this very moment. You have grown up with so much hate and sickness in you. I have protected my baby for 26 years, but this night was the night when your hate outgrew the power of my love for you. You had so much to do and you did so much. The love in you will never be realised, so I’m here. It’s time to heal it’s time to stop the sickness, I’m here with you. My mind was dizzy with thoughts, but one thing my mind didn’t have and that was the hate and anger. It had changed some way, that hole that was in the center of my soul was now replaced with light. I can’t feel the weight of what every the weight was that held me to the ground. My mind felt clear and my thoughts flowed from one to next and the next and the next and none of those thoughts were of killing or being killed. I was everywhere and everywhere was me. I was a true person….finally I was a true and free person. I got the courage to join my mother as a man and took her hand. All my concerns I had left behind, all my chains had been left behind. I had become a beautiful soul with radiant light streaming from with in me. I was free. I was now free.        


2 Responses to “King Cotton conclusion….”

  1. diaryofanegress February 10, 2013 at 7:09 PM #


    This made me tear up. How is it that you can keep doing this with your artwork?

  2. hunglikejesus February 11, 2013 at 6:03 AM #

    It made me tear up as well. It was sad to think he didn’t make it but that’s what came to me.

    Thank you Ms. Truth for your support.

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