Barbed Wire Rapist

7 Oct

This is another re-post, not because I’m lazy, but because I wanted others who may have missed this to see it and feel it. This is the hardest piece I’ve written to date. It speaks to Black women’s history in this country with white men. It was inspired by a story told to me by a serious Sista. 

This may enhance your reading experience:



Our grandmothers screams can still be

heard through trees and swamps and back roads,

screams that signify a fire has started.

I can still feel white hands around Black

throats, still hear white breath in Black ears,

whispering devil thoughts in demonic tongues,

useless crying in half way nights fall on

nonexistent ears.

Barbed wire rapist with razor blade fingers,

leaving genetic scars on Black wombs and Black seed,

stubborn intrusions polluting Black blood with insanity

and double cross, injuring Black minds with delay and self doubt.

Healing still not coming to our grandmothers while,

rancid, pus filled wounds are left to fester and

infect, as you stand tall as if superior to Black

people, on your infertile land, which left

infertile by your dead crops and manipulations.

You felt deviant ecstasy as you entered

Mother’s land, with swollen, pale, hate filled bayonet,

stabbing generation pon generation of Black genius and

resource, with exact precision and intent, you wanted

nothing but to inflect devastation that carry the balance forward.

Barbed wire rapist shooed husband and father

from uneasy comfort, so bringer of bondage could

continue to defile and lay waste to Black

pearls and little girls.

Full of shame and self detached, her eyes

would never meet her man’s eyes again,

while Barbed wire rapist grinned and wait for

half way night, as doors can’t lock and cowardice hates light.


4 Responses to “Barbed Wire Rapist”

  1. Estellelight October 7, 2012 at 6:47 PM #

    As codified teacher Fuller said to me “black females are doing black males a whale of a favor to even speak with them…. WHY? Because when it came to protecting the black female collective and offspring… the black male collective failed miserably”

  2. isness October 8, 2012 at 5:01 PM #

    Reblogged this on Innerstanding Isness and commented:
    Barbed Wire Rapist

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