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where i’m from *experimental*

27 May

this may enhance your reading pleasure:


see up there, the second star on the right, just above luna? that’s my backyard.

where i come from people are human and not just representatives of life.

we have no laws but are ruled by the forces of nature, she is our mother.

some came before us, you call them the dogon, we call them kin.

where i’m from wars are between two people and it’s quiet and both walk away, better.

we don’t have time there, our bodies are clocks and they govern.

our sky is what you call tan, we breath differently from here, deeper.

we lost hate during the last rotation, when the gods visited.

we have no work, everyone is provided for by everyone.

we don’t have many words, words cause confusion and misunderstandings, we have each other.

we have no possessions, no ownership, the gods took that also, we have home.

i want to go back when this is done, i can’t breath freely here.

we also have no money, no need, we are free.

where i’m from it doesn’t have a name really, we call it home, the star on the right just above luna.

where i’m from we can’t see distants, only details, our air is thick.

where i’m from we have two suns, one’s dying the other mourns.

when it rains where i’m from, the rain never reaches the ground, air keeps it and feeds all.

we really don’t have nighttime either, but i like this nighttime here, the people go in.

we don’t eat animals where i’m from and they don’t eat us.

we have what we call jubalusting, everything on the planet seeks level without interfering with anything else.

i was born into it and it’s all i know.

they say here is a classroom, i have learned a lot, but nothing i can use.

we don’t have love either, not like you have. where i’m from love is all you can see and imagine, not just for humans but all.

where i’m from people are human, not just representatives of life.