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25 May

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She sets me on fire with the sway of her hips.

The way her dress flows is like satin against rocks.

Her movements were choreographed by heavenly being to delicate to be deliberate.

She smells like fresh baked life on the first day of forever.

Her hair is that of down from newly hatched love birds.

Her skin draws me in as if deep as an ocean and smooth as a summer breeze with honeysuckle hints.

She sounds like velvet harps, struck by wooden hammers and strings plucked by children.

She is the color of my dreams with drops of honey and a pinch of would you be mine.

Her creation was meant for men who long for women who are pure women, with smiles and soft existence.

She reminds me of days when sunlight washes through trees, to find my face and brush it with a golden kiss.

She is forever on my mind where she has taken up permanent residences.

She is as gentle as waking up on your own with nothing to do.

If tears ever fell from her eyes and hit the ground, forever that spot belongs to me.

I want to hold her hand and walk with her, then I can leave this place, I have truly done it all.

Demerol *experimental*

25 May

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you can’t run from pain, it’s a shadow, hurt becomes good. you slip into agony your mind is red and black with lightness. you move back and forth like a monster on fire, no escape, no respite for the wary. you feel like the night sky, devoid of light with stab wounds and a big hole off to the side. your thoughts mostly go, nothing comes but sick, hot, hurt you’ll learn to be a slave. focus on it, that’ll help cause the seed is planted and it will grow and blossom like the devil’s backbone. take your time, the hot liquid moves slow and goes deep, your nerves wake up and strip. the root has taken, lay back and focus. you can no longer tell which time you belong, your mind is on leave and has left you alone, nothing but the brain now. get up and walk, match the throbbing, like a train gone of course, you cannot. freedom is just a word and now you know it. you go inside looking for some coolness, none to be found here, nothing but that hot liquid moving slowly and still getting deeper. your nails dig long trenches into your imagination, you think. salt is your flavor now, you’ll love it before long. reach out and understand that it will not last forever, nothing does, but hell and you are there. this is what a thousand years feel like in reverse, on pause. surely hell would offer some relief or not, you must remember that is where you are. if you ask louder it may wither. this is a walk through a desert, but in reverse, on pause. this kind of hurt is reserved for the bad, you thought. go ahead grin some, that can help surely or maybe it’ll hurt. if you can see me your to close while my bones are breaking and my flesh is pulled away by tiny life. the inside of me is all over me, this can’t last, not like last time. it’s burning like hot ice. I could grow to love this, I could love time standing still as well. just for a minute let it be cool, you can come back when it’s done. nobody has to know. I can reach down my throat and pull you out, but my mouth can get no wider. my head is red and black on the inside, wonder what it looks like on the wall.