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The Matriarchal Flame

24 May

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you have kept me transfixed and comfortable with your warmth. your soft glow is that of a woman who has lived and loved and moved on. i put my hands out in hopes that your flames will chase away the cold that has collected. i watched your flicker and sway and the soft crackle has endeared me without effort. we know these flames, these are the flames that have raised all manner of sons and daughters. the same heat that has prepared sustenance, these flames be us and we in turn stare into these flames and they know us. the flame that is you, is now burning in me and i welcome it. it’s been a little while, but i know that feeling, it has carried me. it has kept me from me and made sure that i knew of it’s life giving warmth. when i was alone and in the dark, i could still see that light of that flame, of that heart, of that woman, of that life giver, of that love that is mine. i take it with me when i go and it goes with me. i bring it back when i come and it comes with me. my tears have flowed and that flame remains, it’s what i need. it’s what i have always needed.



24 May

this may enhance your listening pleasure:


watch this to get the complete feel of this piece. focus on the time stamp 12:01 to 13:53


Our smiles have betrayed our inheritance.

A smile that we have practiced while staring down the barrel of a gun.

A smile that has been passed along, a gift of sorts, magic even.

A smile that has put food on tables and allowed tried souls to rest.

A smile indistinguishable from any other, a smile that says I’m okay, I’m not a threat, I come in peace, please allow me to leave in it.

A smile that disguised fears, that make men shrink and women vanish.

A smile much like an opiate to bringers of harm and bone breakers and night riders.

A smile that allows one, to maybe live another day.

A smile so dehumanizing it makes people feel nothing, even towards like.

A smile that appears even through knee buckling degradation.

A worthless smile, a soul killer.

A smile that represents terminal, self induced illness.

A smile that has become poison and a misrepresentation of facts.

A smile that is bone jarring and defeated in it’s delivery.

A smile that is bold as a lie.

A smile when seen betray’s an inheritance, but a smile when gone will fulfill a prophecy.

As long as a people are smiling they be all right and you, safe.

When that smile is gone and a people wake up and an inheritance cashed in.