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Disagreeable man

10 May


His cold nature is only outdone by a colder heart.

He carry’s with him the coldness from which he came.

He has no equal.

His skin reflexes that coldness and warmth is unknown.

His hair is that of the spider and the two make one.

He creeps in spreading disease and vermin, like bastard offspring they are not claimed.

He has come up to grip the world and spoil is his name.

He has deceived all men of hue and they stand blinded and stained.

He has no equal.

He is not a part of this world, he is disagreeable with life, this world fosters life and brings it up.

He has marked history with blood and extinctions.

He has grinned and rejoiced at death.

He is hated by my sun, it poisons and tears at him.

He is no friend to light nor truth, it is beyond him.

He is darkness wet with anger. Darkness is in him and around him and he passes it off.

He is called lowly by the low creatures and his flesh is rot. He is motherless.

His presences assaults olfactory and he is glad.

He withers life and it seeks retreat.

His love is twisted and knotted like his background and not from here.

He has no equal.

His approach conceals blades and daggers and jagged edges.

His breath be smokey and riddled with envy. Dark is his color.

His hands and feet are clawed and greedy. God does not know him.

He is cold by nature but only outdone by his