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4 May


Chemical enhancement changes my outlook but not my vision.

My eyes still see the world through warped lens and dirty mirrors.

My walk is as hard as it’s ever been, I’ve never seen so many hills.

I can feel myself sometimes and the clarity is like a new day. Like the clouds opening up and allow the photonic waterfall to fill the land with gold and amber treats.

The beauty of the event is short lived because in everyone’s life a lot of rain must fall. It necessitates growth and renewal or so it been shouted.

It’s been called the blues, but for me it’s more like the grays. That same gray that the sky has on a winter day. The kind of gray that makes one not want to move. The same kind that makes everything ugly and used. That gray that fills up one’s spirit and changes a person to an object.

As my time here is passing I’m learning that we have to work the jobs we were given. It’s not nice always but it’s necessary for soul progression. To reach enlightenment you have got to see, live and feel the darkness.

We agreed to this and we must continue, through the let downs and cold, we must make it. The option be doing it again.

Gray is not just a color for me, it has become a backdrop with little holes punched in it.

It won’t kill me nor will it make me stronger, but it will keep me moving. Even if that moving is like that of the sightless, arms out¬†stretched to miss that which cannot be¬†sensed.

Yes, gray is not just a color, it is an emotion loaded with heavy bags and rusty chains. Bags and chains we must have a go at carrying. It may not kill you nor make you stronger, but it will keep you moving.