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try as i might

2 May


in quiet moments my reflection is forced, good thoughts don’t come easy to a troubled mind.

try as i might i cannot not reach a good place, positivity is fleeting.

the ever present anger is like an unhinged dragon, burning down friendship as well as family. the anger is ever thirsty.

i cry for help but only in my head as that word does not match my expression and only lends to hushed tones of my sanity.

i am but a reflection of my world. an amalgamation of unclear voices searching for an ear, searching for a heart, searching for home. i have traveled alone and i have grown wary, my steps are short and unsure. i am but a reflection of my world.

i look into myself often for some semblance of who i was. i am struck by revulsion, that if the person that was me walked up and shook my hand, it would be the same person i am now

i have not evolved. my development arrested. i give pause, head in my hand and i WEEP.

i have to look back an wonder, is this me or a anomaly of me.

sleep does not come easy to the troubled mind, i hope tomorrow is not just another day.

To Be Black

2 May


Tight coils crown me king of man, sun kissed skin alludes to my royalty.

I was born of this Earth the soil be my linage, the king of beast knows me and gives me pass.

My Blackness cannot conceal my pride, for my Blackness is my pride, a badge given only to souls that reached the upper room.

Though my intellect be muted, my intellect be. I am approaching genius.

I dig my toes into the sand to check on my kin. They be alright now, they feel me.

See me? To be Black, To be Black like me owner of all surveyed. My fingerprints stamp Earth’s past. Breath dictates while Earth rotates. My brilliant Black light shines on Earth’s future.