I looked right at you

25 Apr


You have always been my comfort, the one friend I could count on. You were my plan and all the lands and times you could take me to when this one had dried up. You brought tears of resolve and relinquishment to a boy and though cold you were, your touch was always warm. The heat of ten thousands suns was not as hot as the warmth of the thought of you. You were there when I saw no one and you stayed until I would sleep. You brought me smiles and you blinded me to frowns, your face was all I saw and your face was all I had seen. I could look off into the distance and there you were, arms always open, always willing to let me in. When the rain came you came also and when the light of day came you came also. We were close and I looked right at you. You never stop looking at me and when the time was right you spoke to me and I listened. You spoke to me and I listened, in my listening I heard you say to me what nobody could or would. You said the thing to me that my essence craved, you said to me, no more hurt and you said no more hate. You said to me, I will take away all that is dirty in your sight and I will make you new. You told me you could make me new, like how I used to be, before all of this. You told me the little boy that is me, though scared and scarred will be new and you will be with him. And I looked right at you and you meant it. What is it that I can do,, that I must do, for you, for all this redemption. And you looked right at me and said, yellow…..yellow is my favorite color and I want to see you in it.

Some will not know my story and my brush with this person/thing, this will give you all need. http://www.blubrry.com/the_cows/1174517/the-cows-on-depression/

3 Responses to “I looked right at you”

  1. truthbetold at 9:56 AM #

    I’ve read this over and over…it always gives me chills. I think all black people can relate to this…

  2. T.Bee at 8:35 PM #

    This peice is chilling and we never see it coming. It falls on us like like rain bringing tragidy.

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