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Are we in retrograde?

23 Apr

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Are we in retrograde?

our sun comes out but it does not shine

our faces have smiles but we are not happy

our days go by but we stand still

our bodies are strong but we are tired

our minds are sharp but we do not learn

Are we in retrograde?

we have lives but we don’t live

we have houses but we have no homes

we have families but do we have tribes

we have work but it is not ours

we have hearts but do we love

Are we in retrograde?

our bellies are full but we do not grow

our air is fresh but we do not breath

our world is wide but we are small

our hearts are blessed but they do not beat

our god is present but we do not pray

Are we in retrograde?

we are a nation but have no land

we are a people but have no possessions

we are beautiful but have no pride

we are Black but our hearts are not

we are solid but stand on sand

Are we in retrograde?


To be happy

23 Apr


As the new day breaks over mountains capped and proud, my mind is clear.

The cold air suspense’s my promise and possibilities, evergreens standing in wait for my greetings.

The perfume that drift is familiar as childhood gone by.

The sound is none but my own footfalls as animals watch and I am everywhere.

This world has reveled to me a place where men have come and losted and have come again.

This be my place, a place I see when light is dim and my eyes closed.

Though I am alone I am never lonely.

I have always come here when my thoughts are left to carry forward. This place is as old as I.

My mountainscape cannot escape my internal sight, this is my home, has always been my home.

It calls to me when I am away and go back. It called to me when I was there and I go and see.

I looked out over all I could see and I am happy.

The mountains gives me broad view and life is small and aspects disappear.

To be happy while Earth be new as it reaches for sights concealed.